Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Could Get Used to This

Nothing much new to report. Well, besides that I packaged up my 100th heart gift to Jamie in my half done craft room, and I loved it! For the most part, I could get to everything I needed. Only had to dig for scissors, but they are not in their intended spot yet. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I'm crabby and tired today. But I am excited because Lindsay and I are going to Ferndale tomorrow night for sushi and maybe Naka. I've been meaning to go there forever! Also excited for Miss Amelia's very important birthday party on Saturday. I have Q's dress all picked out-- it's her first birthday party ever (well, except for her own) Another fun friend thing-- Amy invited Ryan, Q and I to join her family for Dally in the Alley. I have such nice friends!

Oh! One more thing. I will tell you all now (and most of my friends already know) that Fall is my absolute favorite season and Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I'm a freak. Last year, Quinn had a festive outfit to wear to the pumpkin patch, a festive outfit for daycare, and of course, her Halloween costume (we went to 2 houses). She was a pudgy (and runny-nosed) spider. This year, she will be (doop doo doo DOOOOOO....) a STRAWBERRY (yes, I superimposed her face-- the model baby was a lil' homely).

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