Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Unveiling

It's finally done! My crafty oasis! Let me give you a tour...

As you enter from the kitchen. Notice children's hankies on the wall a la Jenny (actually I was inspired GREATLY by Jenny's room if you can't tell). Plain metal lightswitch plate will be replaced by a lovely Robot Candy custom creation (think Little Red Riding Hood). Will post pics of that once it comes.

Next up is our new HP laptop on my chippy metal top farm table. My ribbons are all neatly situated. Books are stacked not as neatly to the side. On the wall is one of my favorite flea market finds-- a felt silhouette prepared by a woman named Fern Weaver who lived in Detroit. My Target office chair which will have a new cushion soon courtesy of Karen. Still waiting for my vintage nursery lamp to arrive which will sit next to the paper cutter.

Maybe my favorite area: Ikea desk, Ikea storage jars, rad Tivoli radio. I've had that stool for almost 20 years and it's been painted every color you can think of. It may also get a seat cushion, but I'm not sure. Wrapping paper rolls in a galvanized pail in the corner. And on the shelf, The Black Apple Mama and Baby Dunces, Land of Nod train cases, and my newest Tiny 3-d Book from Australia, Little Red Riding Hood. Still want to make a fabric covered bulletin board for this area.

And the piece de resistance, Quinn's craft table. I'm so proud of it! The table and chairs are from Ikea. Ryan and I painted it antique red. The fabric is from reprodepot that was finished with iron-on vinyl to make it water and stain-proof! Then I stretched it over the tabletop and Ryan attached it to the table base.

Thanks for stopping by, as always! Still have a few details to go, but you get the idea. xoxo


Sarah and Jack said...

It's lovely. (And tidy. My sewing room has monster trucks all over the floor. LOL)

royaloaker said...

You should see the closet...ha!

sweetjessie@comcast.net said...

LOVE Q's table!

Maepanda said...

I have the same felt silhouette!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw yours. I have the same girl with the crooked candlestick and carrying the doll with the cat at her heels! Only the picture on the wall is not a pig but a sailboat and the fabric on the floor is different. My picture was a gift given to me in 1959 by an aunt who bought it at a flea market! Must have been a popular pattern at some time.