Saturday, August 11, 2007

On a Fine Friday Evening

Here are some things that I love tonight!!!

1. Nutty Little Squirrel Blankie from Chickabiddy
2. Lenticular postcard from Viosarghi
3. Peanut the Elephant Spinner from Rachzel
4. Vintage Bambi Planter by RetroKitsch
5. Reconstructed Storybook Card by Glitter Workshop
6. Potluck Flirt Pastry Stand by Catching Fireflies (I love the product name!!!)
7. Vintage Storybook Tree Purse by Little Odd Forest
8. Clown Cupcake Toppers by A. Bel Emporium
9. Mon-KEY key protectors by Patina

Happy weekend-- you deserve it (I'm right, aren't I? Knew it!)!!!!!

1 comment:

rachz said...

Peanut's in good company!
Have a great weekend also!