Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday (or Tu-HOO-esday)

As you can see, my blog titles have been less than spectacular lately. I did find it fitting to show this guy off though. I got the embroidered fabric from a flea market in the spring, and just backed it with some cute repro fabric to make a pillow. I don’t know what you’d do with him, but I likes. You can find him in my shop!

Also wanted to show off my most recent Etsy purchase. It’s a vinyl wall decal for Q’s big girl room (you know, the enchanted forest one). I will be the first to admit that I am an idea stealer. Come now though, who isn’t? My “inspiration” came from Emily’s trees and Amy’s HD Buttercup experience. James of One Up Designs has lots of different vinyl stickers, and he was super easy to work with. And trusting too! Didn’t even ask for any $$ before the design was finished.

I’ve also decided on the paint colors for both Q’s room and my craft room. Q’s room is going to be this raisiny pink called Lovable (gotta love the paint names) as shown in this sample room pic. And I *think* that my craft room will be like a silver sagey greeny (can’t remember the exact name…pine something) with Antique Red accents. Will show you those colors laters, taters.

P.S. There may be some news involving Girl Land products in an actual local brick and mortar shop! Eek. Trying not to get my hopes up…will keep you posted.

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Cheshire Kat said...

That tree is fantastic! Oh tiny birdcage, so cute.