Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'd Say I'm Due for a Bit of Ranting...

One great thing about my blog and Girl Land is that I don't really rely on either for making a living. It's always simply been a hobby that if I happened to make money from, it's simply a bonus. That's a segue into justification for my complaint of the day...

Have any of you ever watched Cash and Cari on HGTV? For various reasons, I've never been a fan. But definitely not now. Yesterday, at my place of employment, one of her producers thought it would be a great idea to bring their TV cameras in to have a "gotcha" moment with my fellow co-worker and friend, a great guy who does his job and does it WELL. They placed their estate sale signs illegally and the signs were taken. They came in to confront my friend because they apparently thought it would make for some great TV. You know what, Cash and Cari?? Maybe follow the rules like everyone else and read the ordinances and don't try to make people look stupid who are trying to make an honest living and don't have the luxury of being on TV. ARGH.

On a nicer note, I stumbled upon the cutest site the other day when I was looking for a couple fiberglass elementary school chairs for the new house called Bianca and Family!

The site is in French, but I'm thinking I may be able to muster up enough of my 6 years of French to maneuver around at least a little because I HAVE to have this metal cotton candy jar:

And these woodland animal paperboard suitcases:

And maybe even this wallpaper (I told you-- I'm on the precipice of caving in to wallpaper for the new house)!!!!

Le sigh. Thanks for bearing with me. :) The house is coming along. Framing starts next week. Yikes.

P.S. Although I'm not a C&C fan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE HGTV. Don't get me wrong. Sarah, Candice, Antonio, etc...I could watch them all day long.


PamKittyMorning said...

My dear, you do not need to speak french..


p.s. how 50's, just like me, the word verification is carcoat. not something I need in today's temps.

lambooys said...

this blog is great keep going never give up !!!!!!!!!