Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Life of a Shut-In

I am sick. Ryan is sick. Quinn is not as sick as she was last week. We are mostly miserable. Before this afternoon at 4:30, I hadn't left the house since Friday. When I get sick, I get despondant and gloomy. I don't want anything happy or sunny (unless it's something on the boob tube). Let me wallow in my germs. So here's my weekend:

Friday Night: Watched Sex and the City on Tivo (Splat and American Girl in Paris Part Une-- Part Deux is on next week, and I can't wait). Seen both these episodes before, but love them. Made me want to go back to Paris.

Saturday: Happy friggin' St. Patty's Day. Ryan worked, Quinn and I played. We watched Wonder Pets on Noggin. I like Hot Peas and Butter. I ordered her Jack's Big Music Show cd for Easter. I watched Dear Frankie during one of her naps and bawled like a baby. I didn't shower at all (P.U.). I love Gerard Butler. Ate corned beef from Holiday Market and a small potato. Ryan's yearly tradition. Also watched part of Return to Me. Made me want to go back to Italy. Ryan too. Then watched Silent Hill. Man that Darkness scares the crap out of me. Also, the creepy jittery nurses.

Sunday: Ryan worked, Quinn and I played. We put barrettes in her hair. She took them out. Started packing up gifts for Evan Benjamin Hutson (born 3/16). Decided to make a bucket for him. Took a shower finally. Ryan came home. I went shopping. I bought cute crap at (go figure) Kohl's. Kohls has SUCH cute jewelry. Red, white and black jewelry for much cheaper than Fred Flare, but just as cute! Wish I could show you everything I bought (2 tops, a puff sleeve jacket, a matte jersey polka dot dress, and some rad earrings for $116!). Watched part of SNL from last night. Tivo'ing Unbreakable. Took Histinex. MMMMMM. ZZZZZZZZ.

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