Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Doo-Dads & Tidbits

I'm official! I received my super cute GIRL LAND BANNER from Sweet Jessie today to put on my craft show table. I love it so much. And inside were some lovely little extras including cutie petootie push pins and a NKOTB trading card!!!! What a lovely Monday my package made. That Jessie.

I have also started making some cutie pie paperweights with some vintage strawberry fabric my mom found in her sewing basket. My mom made me a dress out of that fabric when I was like 8. Wish I still had it!

This weekend was jam packed. I crafted until 3am Fri and Sat. Saturday afternoon was spring cleanup in the garden and "date night" to see Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) at Main Art. A verrry good movie. Started out a wee bit slow but then picked up very nicely. Sunday was Cindy's baby shower. Bought her some stuff from Etsy and made an emergency call to Karen to pick up this cute hooded towel last minute. She made all Q's crib bedding with House Inc. fabric, and the girl is a sewing goddess! Sunday afternoon was more crafting, garden pickup, and also power walking with my neighbor/friend, Lindsay.

Through boxes and boxes of pics from my grandmas house, my mom filled a Ziploc baggy for me. She knows I have weirdo taste in old photographs. These are three of my favorites. The grandfather clock is the saddest because I will never probably ever hear it chime again. And the photos all smell like my grandma's house.

Micetsy now has a myspace page. I resist myspace because I feel too old, but I created a Girl Land account. I have another personal page too (eek) because my friend from Cali is on there, but I think I might get rid of it. We'll see. Anywho, I'm feeling a tad inadequate because they posted the other vendors chosen for the craft extravaganza, and they are all so ridiculously talented!!! Oy vey.

Now for the best news of the week...the first Oberweis in the state of Michigan is going to be DOWNTOWN ROYAL OAK!!!! OMG, this is dangerous stuff. Good thing it's not a drive-thru like Jessie has, but nevertheless, I still almost peed my pants. I'm thinking we may even start getting our milk delivered. I don't know what they put in the stuff to make it taste so good. Hmm.

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You're too sweet, Sarah. I'm glad you *heart* your banner.