Thursday, April 12, 2007

April (Snow) Showers

Gotta love Michigan weather. It was 80 degrees 2 weeks ago, it’s been 30s this week and raining/snowing too. Lucky us! It’s making us all a little crazy. Also, still waiting to see if I’m in the Micetsy craft extravaganza. It’s killing me!!!! I am hoping to find out by tomorrow.

I received my custom order from Jen which was a portable changing station for Miss Q which cheered me up. Isn’t this paper doll material sweet as H-E-double hockey sticks??? And she went out of her way to find the polka dot material for me. She’s also finished these two lovely sets which will be gifts for my two pregger friends who are due this month and next. Her shop name is Pearly Grey and it is addictive if you have a little one to buy for!

We saw two movies this weekend: Blades of Glory and The Namesake. The former was pretty goofy, but there were some funny parts and lines. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler were pretty entertaining. The latter was, eh. I loved Monsoon Wedding. It’s one of those movies you can watch over and over. The Namesake was just ok. It kept me relatively interested. Kal Penn, who I totally have a crush on, was disappointing. I had higher expectations for him. The performances by Irfan Khan and especially Tabu as Ashima were wonderful though. On DVD, we’ve recently seen Children of Men (SO GOOD!) and The Holiday (SO BAD!). No wonder JT dumped her. :)

We also ate at Food Dance Cafe last weekend. It’s one of the hubby’s favorite when we are on the west side of the state. We both ate the herb roasted trout with swiss chard. Man, it was good.

As for the boob tube, I am completely disappointed with the way Prison Break ended. The chemistry between Michael and Sara has completely waned. I’m hoping there is an end to the series somewhere in the near future especially since my 3rd fave guy (after Wentworth and Tweener) is now gone (RIP Kellerman!). As for Lost, I almost gave up on it, but it’s recaptured my interest. What’s up with Locke? And if Kate doesn’t jump on Sawyer soon, I’m going to hurt someone. But it looks like she’s going to next week. Bout damn time. We also have Entourage and The Sopranos Tivo’ed but haven’t had a chance to watch it.

Have a good week (and weekend), kids! And hi to Marlene and Brenda since I heard they check in every now and again. Helloooooo!!!

New Office, 30 Rock, and Andy Barker P.I. on tonight! I've decided Tina Fey is my absolute hero.

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