Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Gram...

Used to bring us google-eyed puffy stickers and little plastic cars in small crinkly Rite Aid bags when she and my grandpa came to visit.

Took my brother and me to Deer Acres when we stayed with them one summer. I hope they still have those turqoise fiberglass castles there.

Would every once in awhile remind me of the time she and Grandpa babysat, and I pushed toilet paper down the drain of my parent’s bathroom sink. She liked to used her little finger to illustrate.

Had droopy eyes that Quinn and I inherited (I wouldn’t trade them for anything).

Made sure the M&M dispenser that Grandpa made was always full when we visited.

Had the coolest organ and was never crabby when we wanted to play it.

Was in a restaurant with her sister about 5 years ago. When they went to pay the bill, a man, to whom they had briefly spoken, had already paid for their meal because he thought they were so cute (with names like Winnie and Millie, how could they not be?).

Made sure the garage door would magically open for expectant visitors (she’d sit in her blue chair and watch out the window with opener in hand).

Would be sitting in that same blue chair when we’d come over Christmas night under her pastel-lit Christmas tree after making sure ample treats had been laid out on the dining room table.

Was a die-hard Lawrence Welk fan.

Loved a fuzzy navel now and again.

Always had a little twinkle in those droopy eyes.

Will be missed very very much….xoxo

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