Friday, March 27, 2009

Skinny Girl Land, Here I Come!

So I'm down 6.4. Girls, I have a long road ahead of me...but I'm on a roll...mmmmmmm, a nice buttery, greasy, chewy, warm....CRaP! Sorry. I'm on a melba toast.
Maybe I should get this? The perfect thing for my Wii Fitting, no??? :)
Happy weekending all!!! xo


Cristin said...

That shirt is too much!!!

I need a Wii Fit... I've got the Wii... and a birthday coming up... and a big ass...

Way to go on the 6.4lbs!!!

Cheshire Kat said...

Hot Diggity Dang!

Naomi said...

Ahhh... I had been doing SO good on my Wii Fit. Down 10 lbs!

Well, that's all gone to hell now.


Whatifer said...

Damn Girl! you rock!