Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Ugh! Only one more day. Yayyyy. So here is what I've been up to this week:

+Reading The Office. It's smutty Edward fanfic. Can't help it-- look at this freaking picture!!! Damn that Happy Hour Sue!!! The books I am supposed to be reading are piling up-- all 4 Sookie Stackhouse books I was loaned and Michael Zadoorian's new one, The Leisure Seekers.

-Dealing with a baby who has 3, count 'em, THREE teeth coming in. Mild mannered Viv has gone from happy-go-lucky butterball to shrieky, whiny, impatient pain in the arse.

+Watching the new So You Think You Can Dance that was on tonight! Whoot!

+Entering The Crafty Crow's fabric giveaway from This and That from Japan. How can I pick my fave????

+Jazzercising my brains out. Three times per week, baybeeee. Who knew I would EVER like EVER love exercising???? Although I was disappointed to hear Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get It Started"-- I much prefer the un-P.C. version, "Let's Get Retarded".

+Weighing in. Down 14.6 lbs now on Nutrisystem, 20.4 from when I started WW last fall. Yay me! I'm keeping my graph on the left sidebar updated to keep my motivation.

+Reading the Decor8 Blog incessantly. AHHHHHHHH! I have recently decided I may be part Swedish or Danish or something because I love everything I see that is from either of the two places. I love the vintage look mixed with modern pieces. I want to live in this nursery. May I?

+Lu-huving these pictures on Deanna's The Baby Gardner Blog. This is Rhys' wall o' perfect baby lovelies. I even love the way the photos are colored, don't you???

Hope you all have lovely lonnnnnng weekends planned! My friend is in Michigan from San Diego and we're having a sleepover with Quinn tomorrow night and planning on tea at the Townsend Saturday afternoon (oh la la). Sunday, my bro, SIL, and niece are visiting. Monday, we're going to the Memorial Day parade downtown! Good stuff. Xo to all.


Cheshire Kat said...

20.4 lbs!!! Hot Mamma!

Alli said...

Did you just say "smutty" and "Edward" in the same sentence? You know that there is nothing I don't like about that!

Wow, 20 pounds?! That is awesome - congrats!

Joel S. said...

My great unfinished project is to edit a music video of "Let's Get Retarded" to obnoxious scenes of actors portraying retarded people -- clips would include scenes from the following:

-I Am Sam;
-that one with Rosie O'Donnell; and (of course)
-The Other Sister.

Joanna said...

Just in case you feel like entering another giveaway, I'm hosting a new one on my blog! If you win you could order an 18x24" baby photo from :)

Cristin said...

'The Office'!!! Gah!!!

I was so excited that she posted the rest of the Seattle trip.. now am already jonesing for more smutty goodness!

*I have a problem*