Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love to Mother

Every year, I forget to add these to my Etsy shop. I have a bunch of them in different colors, and they are in mint condition. I love 'em.

So Happy Mother's Day to you all you Mudders out there! Hope you did something fun. I have been sans hubby basically since last Wednesday. He came home Friday night late and had to leave again for work early this AM 'til Tuesday (ohhhh, shush, even downtown voices carry... Sorry, 80s flashback). But my parents came into town, and we went to brunch at The Emory. GOOOOOOOD food!!! We had no rezzies because they don't take them, but we had no prob. I had the tomato & artichoke omelet. TDF!!!

T'was a very handmade Mother's Day for my mom. She's in a bookclub, so that became the unofficial theme. First, this book bag with a quote I found that I love. It reminded me of my mom because I feel like she gets so much out of nature.

With these book pockets for when she loans her bookies out:

And the girls made this bookmark:

Also not photographed were THE BEST lemon cream-filled milk chocolates (her fave!) from Sweet Essentials in Berkley. And some wine tags, of course, because what's a book club without wine, right?

The girls and Ryan got me these loverly flowers-- lavender mums, alstromeria, and hyacinth. I added some lilacs from my garden after I took the pic, and the house smelled divine!

Now I'm off to make an appliqued shirt for Q. She said she wanted a mushroom. What a novel concept. :)

Hope the rest of your weekend was wonderful! xo

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