Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 Things Meme & Randoms

This post is light on pics. Sorry. Found this on Jenna's blog today...

8 Things I am Looking Forward to
1…..Giving Ryan his Father's Day gifts
2…..Losing another 25ish pounds
3…..New Moon, November 20!
4…..Retirement (no joke)
5…..True Blood season two starting this Sunday
6…..My birthday! I loves my birthday. 27 days, y'all...
7…..Starting Q in ballet class in the fall
8…..V walking

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1…..Coughed. I think I coughed a lung up.
2…..Watched Cop Land (besides The Fugitive, probably my favorite movie to watch when I'm sick). I stayed home from work if ya can't tell.
3…..Watched some real life MTV show called Fat Camp for two freaking hours. Two hours that I'll never get back.
4…..Watched a really bad movie, Never Back Down. Only watched it because I wanted to jump on Sean Faris. Holy hot. He's like a younger, non-crazy, smaller-nosed Tom Cruise with a super hot beauty mark at the corner of his mouth. And that damn inguinal crease does it to me every time!!!

5…..Drank 7 cups of hot tea with skim milk and Splenda
6…..Actually did take a shower though
7…..Laid on the couch
8…..Took a buttload of Mucinex (did I mention I was coughing?)

8 Things I Wish I Could do
1…..Speak my mind without getting upset
2…..Speak and understand French fluently
4.....Be rid of my food issues FOREVER
5.....Wear a bikini and look good in it
6…..Be a better mom & wife
7…..Hire a professional organizer to clean and organize my house. I would just sit in a big throne, point my sausage finger here and there, and direct them what to do. Awesome.
8…..Teleport my entire family (sorry, Jenna, stealing from you)

8 Shows I Enjoy (DVR)
3…..How I Met Your Mother
4…..So You Think You Can Dance
5…..True Blood
6…..The Office
7.....30 Rock
8…..Best Week Ever

Miscellaneous random stuff on a Tuesday:

  • After the Tony Awards, Diablo Cody Tweeted: "And yes, I’m concerned about Bret Michaels’ fractured nose. An acute sense of smell is essential to his dating process."
  • Someone I know and like had to get a cancerous mass removed recently. This person doesn't know that I know. I saw this person smoking a cigarette today, and it really freaking pissed me off.
  • I wish I were more into cupcakes. They are so cute and pretty and you can decorate and display them in such cool ways. But the stinking frosting to cake ratio is just way too low. (photo courtesy of melisdramatic via Flickr).
  • My Twerd posse is growing. Today, we added another Twerd to the mix. If she is going to accompany us to the New Moon premiere in November, that will make 11 of us. Snap.
  • I need ideas of how to recreate this cake. I'm thinking I may use dummy layers for the bottom two because I'll only be feeding like 20, but how to make the stripes?? I do not want to pipe that many stinkin' stripes. I'll let you know later why, but you may have guessed. Yes, I'm that dorky.


Alli said...

Haha - I think I can guess why you want to make the cake!

I'm not even remotely an expert (unless watching hours of "Ace of Cakes" gives me expert status - I have such a crush on Geoff), but the stripes don't look piped. I think they are cut from fondant (or maybe gumpaste?) and stuck on.

Kate K said...

What about those colored marshmallow twisted things. If you can untwist them and attach to frosting... that would be easiest. SO not Martha Stewart, though.

:) I wish I could make the premiere with you.

And I like your lists. However, retirement at your age is called Stay at Home Mom. :)

Christina said...

Since I also watch Ace of Cakes waaaaay too much, I would guess that those stripes are gumpaste, cut and then laid flat to dry.