Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flea Market Sunday

Amy and I went a-flea marketin' this morning. Here's my haul:

The Bo Peep puzzle was for Q. I love it-- it's called a Pizza Puzzle, and I wish I'd bought more cuz she loves it too! The deer planter and S&P are in my shop. The red Dutch folk tin is either going to be listed in my shop, or I'll keep it for my embroidery stuff. Not sure yet. The tablecloth is a maybe as well. It has the prettiest colors-- pink, mustard yellow, brown, and grey. Yum! The pretty kitty is a potholder rack and is already at home on my craft room wall:

Also, look at these lovelies! The Dutch kids one is in also in my shop. The mushroom kids perma-crinkle one (with tag!) may stay with me. Unsure...

You can see more pics on my Flickr page.

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r e b e c k a said...

The red tin is gorgeous and I love the name pizza puzzle! :)