Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't Forget Dad!

Don't forget! Father's Day is Sunday, June 21. I just shopped a bit today, and I thought I'd share some of Girl Land's Etsy picks for some great gifties for your fave hubby, pops, or grandpa.

Top to Bottom, L-R:
  1. Lotion bar by Portland General Store
  2. Sunflower and Pistachio Toffee w/ Milk Chocolate by Vintage Confections
  3. Custom Golf Bar Marker by Autumn Leaves Jewelry
  4. World’s Greatest Husband vintage mug by EclecticaMiami
  5. Robot Tee by Happy Family
  6. Vintage Wooden Box for Polishing Shoes by Val Bolen
  7. Half Pint of Prose for Fathers by Inspired Letters
  8. Instant Vintage Office Set by River Bazaar
  9. Gourmet BBQ Spice Rub Kit by Purpose Design

My dad will be receiving the golf markers from the girls that says, "We Love Grandpa Jim". Ryan will be receiving the robot tee, a nice trophy from the girls, and a card featuring a Father's Day interview I found by Let's Explore via The Crafty Crow. It was actually for Mother's Day, but I modified the questions. Best Q answer so far:

"My Dad always tells me, 'Let's listen to the Talkin' Heads'."

Speaking of Q, here are some other recent Q-isms that have made me laugh:

During a thunderstorm at 2:00 am-- "Mom, can you please turn down the thunder???"

After her dad startled her-- "Daddy, you just scared the poop babies outta me!"

With her arms out, shaking her head, naked from the waist down, "I have NO IDEA where my underpants are."

That is all. Off to watch SYTYCD that is being Tivo'ed as we speak!


Joel S. said...

I'm expecting to get all of this stuff for Father's Day (and yes, as a dad I also resent being lumped with "grads").

Actually, I'm not, as I just bought myself my own Father's Day gift: tickets to Steely Dan's four night concert series in Chicago. Boo to the yah!

Kari said...

Yeah, that can be a real problem when a girl loses her underpants, LOL! She is too funny.

I really love that vintage mug, very cool.

katrina said...

Thanks so much for including my item in this lovely collection. Each and every one of them is Dad/Hubby/Gramps-worthy :)