Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Hangover CAUTION SPOILERS!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo I've been. Twice now. Probably will see it at least a few more times in the theater. If you have NOT seen the movie yet, you may not want to read any further. But if you have, I am curious to see what you thought.

Here are my thoughts:

*I absolutely love the soundtrack, and I was happy with all the song placement. A couple of my friends and I even predicted where songs would go, and I got a few right. That sounded wayyy less pathetic in my head.

*Loved the opening scene with Bella's "grandmother".

*Loved Jasper's reaction to the paper cut and how he just kept busting through everyone to get to her. Sometimes, you forget that they are vamps and that they are bloodthirsty.

*Something little that I loved-- when Carlisle was stitching Bella's arm up, and she was resting her hand on his waist. I don't know why I liked it, just thought it was endearing and kind of showed a closeness between the two. Is that weird?

*I thought both Edward and Bella looked absolutely beautiful in the movie. Loved the kissing scene outside her truck and the desperation of it and a little bit of moaning never hurts (sigh).

*Love Movie Jacob way better than Book Jacob. In fact, when I re-read New Moon before seeing it, I actually liked Book Jacob better because I was picturing Taylor.

*Kristen really didn't annoy me at all (no sputtering!) in New Moon which is funny because she's totally getting ripped apart in reviews and Taylor's reaping the accolades. Because, and don't hate me...

*I thought Taylor's acting was pretttttttttttty bad. Still liked Movie Jacob, still like Taylor, but there were some lines that made me cringe. There was one really bad one when Jacob is yelling at Alice, and now I can't remember, but it was realllly lame.

*Where were the damn tears?????? Like seriously, can't these damn actors cry on cue? Or couldn't they have stopped the cameras and given them some eye drops or something? Bella didn't REALLY cry once and neither did Jacob. Or Edward for that matter. Fishy.

*My favorite scene may very well have been the one in the forest when the wolves were chasing Victoria. The Thom Yorke song in the back may be one of my faves now. I am going to miss Rachelle LeFevre in Eclipse. :(

*Wishing they played the music in the trailer for the running through the palazzo scene at the end (played here around 1:33). Way more dramatic!

*Of course, and it seems most people would agree, Alice's flash forward of Bella and Edward hunting in the forest was so dreadful. Yeesh. Whuuuut was up with Edward's clothing? Or hers for that matter?

*And did anyone else notice that it seemed Edward had on the SAME clothing that he did when he left Bella? Like 4 or 5 months later? Well, sans the suit jacket, but that was a little grody. Until my friend reminded me vampires probably have body odor that smells like lilac and honey. HA.

*One of my favorite scenes from the book was when Bella finally realized that Edward still loved her. It didn't work for me in the movie-- too rushed and it was supposed to be AFTER they left the Volturi lair. Felt kind of cheated just as I felt cheated with the meadow scene in Twilight!

*Bummed they cut out any good shots of the cake!!! And a whole couple lines about the cake in general. It was the piece de resistance at my Twilight party. Oh well. It was still a good schtick I suppose.

Anyway, already getting some ideas for my inevitable New Moon partay. It's going to be tough to top the first, but I'm up for a challenge. Definitely making some wolf pack tats and probably a dream catcher or two!!!

So I'm curious to see what any of you think. My husband is glad this is all over. For now anyway...he just rolled his eyes when I told him the opening of Eclipse was just over 7 months away. Yippee! xo


Cristin said...

Oh my!! I've only seen it once... and seen it is a stretch since I was in the FIRST freaking row!!! And a little buzzed.. I can't wait to go back and enjoy it from a normal vantage point.

I thought the acting was better all around. Rob is just too beautiful for words, Kristen too for that matter.

Not a fan of Taycob at all, but thought he was better in this one too.

Did you notice Paul from the wolfpack... how totally HOT he is?? Damn.

You've inspired me to pay more attention to the music the next time I see it.

And I will totally be looking for that Bella/Carlisle moment too.

Kat said...

I just saw it the other night. I have to say I found the acting a bit lame all round especially from Jacob and Bella. There were so many lines that sounded so lame and made me cringe when I heard them. I prefered Twilight heaps more than this movie. But in saying that New Moon was my least liked book of the series so I am not that surprised that I didn't really like the movie.

Alli said...

I saw it Friday night and loved it! So much better than both the book and the first movie, in my opinion. It almost felt like the director tried to minimize Kristen and Rob's need to act, which was a good thing. I don't like Jacob, but I thought he was more sympathetic in the movie than he was in the book, and I thought Taylor did a decent job with the acting. The forest scene was also my favorite - really well done. The scene with the Volturi was also good (but yeah, what was up with Alice's vision? funny). I found it interesting how much they changed Bella and Edward's styles, and I sort of miss grungy Edward. He was definitely more vampiric in this one, though.
I'll certainly be seeing it again!

Kari said...

Great review!

We went to the midnight premier and had a blast! I was thrilled with the movie - while I loved Twilight, this one just seemed "higher budget" or something. Loved it! Had lots of suspense, but also a lot of humor.

One thing that I really loved was the "wolf boys" - they were so gorgeous and fun, loved seeing them in action.

Music was wonderful!

I never cared for Taylor L. playing Jacob in Twilight, but, I think he stepped things up and did a great job in New Moon.

Wow, what an ending! Everyone in the theater literally gasped out loud.

Can't wait to see it again!

Feli said...

HII!! I cam over from One Pearl Button's blog and I love love love your review. You have the same point of view with me in almost everything! And I agree the Alice flash forward thing was a "WHAT THE??" moment for me! I was like is that in the future or was that in the past.

You are right also in saying that we were cheated out of the scene where bella realises that Edward loves her after the Volturi scene.