Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Thankful for Babies

My mom told me about a trailer she saw last week for a movie called Babies, A Documentary, so I thought I'd share.

Makes me almost want another baby. I said ALMOST, people. No, we're done. Like DONE done. Although, my backup plan was to always to adopt an Asian baby girl. And now that we're done, I do feel a tiny bit of wistfulness that that will never happen. I am so very happy for Lisa over at Little Acorn! She and her husband and adopting a super sweet little girl, and I want to eat her up.

Believe me, I thank the powers that be every single day about how lucky we are and how much I love my family. And especially today! So Happy Thanksgiving all! Happy turkey/tofurkey/ham (?) eating day!!! Gobble gobble.

And I also am thankful for all of you. xo

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