Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Fantastic Felicity Fox Brooch

We took Q to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox over the weekend. Ryan and I both adore Wes Anderson, but we weren't sure if Q would like it. Apparently the singing and dancing animals more than made up for the fact that much of the dialogue went over her head. Plus, buttered popcorn and Sprite smack dab in the middle of the day didn't hurt either.

photo courtesy of totalfilm.com

Needless to say, I-- we-- loved the film. My favorite character was Ash who was played by Jason Schwartzman. I mean, how could I not love anything with anthropomorphic animals in it? Especially ones who live in a hollowed out tree trunk house?

I am sure all you crafty gals out there who have seen it noticed Mrs. Felicity Fox's wonderful fox silhouette brooch. Well, I set out to recreate it with Shrinky Dinks! Now you can make your own.

1. Save this image to your computer. I took my Girl Land logo and modified it to look relatively similar to Mrs. Fox's cute cameo. Be sure to click on it to enlarge it all the way before you save it.

2. I always paste my image into an MS Word doc so I can move it to the outer edge and not waste my Shrinky Dink paper. Print image at 100% on inkjet Shrinky Dinks paper. I found my Shrinky Dink paper at Hobby Lobby, but apparently other brands of the same type product can be found at Michael's and Joann's.

3. Cut out the image. Around the scallops are hardest, but even if your cuts aren't perfect, no one will notice.

4. Follow the instructions on your paper package. Your image should shrink from original size to about 1.5" wide by 2.5" tall. This shape domed nicely in the oven! I pulled it out before it could flatten all the way-- I thought it looked nifty.

5. Spray with an acrylic sealer or clear nail polish. Hot glue a pin back onto your brooch, and voila! All you need is a yellow red apple dress, and you'll be a foxy mama too.

If you want something a little more Kristofferson, I think that Enna's wooden picture frame brooch is adorable. Happy Shrinky Dinking, all! xo


Alli said...

Your brooch is so cute! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I definitely will be soon. I love Wes Anderson and nurse a little crush on Jason Schwartzman. It looks awesome.

limo hire said...

last week i saw its review...and its really awesome.

Kelly Merrill said...

this is super cute! And I love that only people who have paid close attention to the movie would get it!

Anne said...

Wonderful to notice the small things, very unique! Too bad that the movie might not have been more famous as it went up to...people would probably flatter you while walking the streets everyday!

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Sara said...

thank you so much for this post! I was Felicity for halloween and used this tutorial for the cameo. It came out great! I blogged about it today and linked to your page.