Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fantastic Part II

What timing! Q's daycare lady's daughter works for Border's who gave Q some leftover promotional items from The Fantastic Mr. Fox! I think I was more excited about it than Q. Here she is in her super cute fox tail necktie (and her favorite nightgown-- Beatles Magical Mystery Tour tee). She also gave Q the cutest sticker book ever! A couple times Q had to tell me, "Mom, I can do it myself". I was having so much fun with it that I kinda got carried away. Sorry, Q!

A couple more things-- my girlfriend just introduced me to the wonderment that is Regretsy. Ahhhhh. I could look at it all day. I was trying not to bust out laughing in my cubicle this morning. Although, while perusing the Twilight section of goods, someone commented that, "What does suck is this movement of desperate housewives/'oops' mommies who dream of having sex with a barely pubescent vampire instead of enjoying their actual lives." Zing!!!! Damn Twi-loather. Whatev...go download some more Nickelback onto your ipod and leave us alooooone (I'm not bitter, heh). :)

And last but not least, Taylor Lautner is hosting SNL next weekend (post edit: December 12). It's not Rob, but my Tivo will be set.

Off to watch SYTYCD and Glee! Happy Hump Day.

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