Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost 2010!

How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was lovely. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents then went to the in-laws. And the girls found this pic when they got home from our trip on the 27th:

That rascally Santa! Q got her unicorn Pillow Pet from Santa. Huzzah! I also got some surprises. One big one was from my bro, SIL and niece:
Yup, that's an autographed pic of all the Glee kids. I'm filled with Gleekiness! I found that I received many gifts suitable for a 13 year old girl this Xmas, but I loved them all. My mother even bought me the Robsessed DVD (I didn't ask for it, I swear). She actually told the Target salesman that it was for her granddaughter. She is ashamed of her woman-child daughter. Ha!

Here are some super sweet gifties from Kat that I received yesterday in the mail.

I actually commissioned a super awesome print for our basement. Once it's up, I will post pics. Thanks, Kat!!! You're sweeeeet.

I have been spending my time yesterday and today recording a Dexter Season 4 DVD for two of my girlfriends to borrow. I made this lovely DVD label on Photoshop! I'm becoming comfortable on Photoshop. It's actually quite fun! Feel free to download and use as a label if you are a fellow Dexterite.

Last night, we saw An Education. It was very lovely. It takes place in 1961 England. The main character, Jenny, is played by Carey Mulligan (who's dating Shia Le Boeuf). The film follows her internal struggle between going to Oxford or marrying an older man played by the creepyriffic Peter Saarsgard.

Next, I want to see A Single Man! It looks wonderful and I didn't know it was directed by Tom Ford. Makes perfect sense because the trailer alone was beautifully styled and looked like a piece of art. I was also happy to see Nicholas Hoult in it who was the kid in one of my fave movies, About a Boy written by Nick Hornby who also wrote An Education!. My useless film trivia comes full circle!

Tonight, we're going to my cousin's house for an early kid-friendly dinner. Then the movie marathon will commence tonight after the girl's bedtime and will last through tomorrow as well. Ryan stopped at Whole Foods, Papa Joe's AND our local Holiday Market today. We have enough food and alcohol to feed an army. We won't be leaving our house or getting out of our PJ's all day tomorrow. Ahhhhhhhh...Happy New Year's!!!


Amelac said...

Geesh! We went to Holiday today too! Crazy! Have a great evening, we are stocked up on old musicals, cheese, wine, and champagne! And tomorrow will be an all-day pj day for us, too!

Alli said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Happy new year!

Cristin said...

I want that Gleek t shirt. Bad.

Can't wait for new episodes.