Monday, May 14, 2007

I Heart Anthropomorphic Woodland Animals (The Making of a Logo)

Dave just saw Inland Empire. He told me I'd like the scenes showing a rabbit family that reminded him of my logo. As one article put it, "a dark version of Goodnight Moon". I then read that David Lynch had made these online-only short films and thrown them into the movie for no apparent reason. I was a big Twin Peaks fan, so I can't wait to watch them all.

I think my love of anthropomorphic animals started with one of my favorite toys as a kid, The Woodseys. My parents still have the log and all the lil' squirrel guys and furniture too. Thus my love of enchanted woodland folk began!

A fellow Etsyer, Ingero, was kind enough to create my logo for me based on some ideas I gave her. Among my inspirations were Etsy faves The Black Apple, Magic Jelly, and Art & Ghosts. Basically I told Ingero "something creepy cute". All the while, I had this video in my head as well. Radiohead is one of my all-time favorite bands I do believe...and this video, the epitome of creepy cute: There There by Radiohead.

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