Sunday, May 6, 2007

Flea Market Finds!

The flea market was insane! It was so huge. There was everything from fake Coach bags to tools to jadite bowls to old school Strawberry Shortcake TV trays (that I used to have!). I was there for 2.5 hours and I only saw my friend ONCE. I didn't even linger at tables-- I was on a mission. And it still took me that long.

So here are my finds. Three planters (a cat from Japan, a treestump with deer, and a plain turquoise), a bunch of retro wrapping paper (my favorite find!), some kid's books, a linen with an embroidered owl that says "Tuesday" on it, a rubber stamp of a bunny in a dress, and a cool framed fabric picture with silhouette of a little boy (my other favorite).

Here are some of the other things I've been working on for the craft show too. My favorite are these mushroom earrings. Ryan helped me name them-- Aural Fixations. Ha! I love it. He had another name, but I nixed it as it was a bit pervy (use your imagination). I made single magnets as part of my promo packs with the same mushroom but made these into earrings. I bought the plain butterfly backs, but the earrings are a little heavy, so I need to get the disc ones. I also like these strawberry push pins. They were made from some scanned fabric scraps my mom gave me. Besides more trinket boxes, placemats, gift tags and dioramas, I also made these cool paperweights! They were made from vintage birth announcement cards. How scary are they? I love them. I made them with either blue or pink felt backs.

Now trying to recuperate before the new week begins. I hate Sundays. Although comparatively, today wasn't bad!

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