Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MICE Craft Extravaganza Part Deux

What was I saying? Oh, sorry didn't post yesterday. Got lazy. And I'm getting overwhelmed! I'm working on a wholesale order for this company and maybe more. Whoo hoo! They ordered some door hangers and I promised delivery in July sometime. Plus, I also applied for the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. Dunno if I'll get in, but will need to make more stuff if I do. Good thing is that I have MUCH left over from Saturday.

I was all bummed that I felt too nerdy to take a picture of my table, but then I discovered that the NY Etsy girls had taken one and posted it on their Etsy Lab Blog! Yayyyyyy!!! That's my beady head peeking up over the green trinket box and blue pail. My (imaginary?) friend Kristin is behind the person in black. To my right is Katie aka RedThread DIY whose cute parents showed up and I think they brought her cookies too or something.

So the rest of my stash bought at the Micetsy show-- a HateMail card from Carol Lee Designs (not THIS exact one, but I like this one too), an aqua/red card from Christine Carol, an owl kitty toy from Design Chic, and a sweet bird necklace from Relishdress. Mr. Owl has already lost a wing in the line of duty. Damn cats.

Not to change the subject, but...had a big idea to try to make a Yo Yo Clown that went down the pooper today. What's a Yo Yo Clown? Here is a pic of a scary duo. Aren't these freaky cute? They'll haunt your dreams, but maybe in a good way? This is from an eBay listing, so I stole the pic (sorry). But please, someone BUY THEM! I can't justify, and they need a home.

For those as sew-illiterate as I am, a yo yo is a little gathered disc of fabric that makes up the arms, legs, and body of these dudes. Anywho, went to the quilt shop to buy a few fat quarters, came home and realized I'd be having to make like 70 yo yo's per doll. Uhhhh...so I'm going to just make some other stuff with yo yos. I'm sure I'll think of something. Ohhhh, the fat quarters are just loverly! I am going to have to post pics of those later this week.

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