Friday, May 11, 2007

Cute Things on a Friday

Well, I'm no longer driving a hoopdie. For those of you who don't know, Q and I were off to start our day on Wednesday, walked into the garage, and found my Passat's backseat driver's side window shattered. What the fudge? Took til today to get the window in.

As I was driving from the collision shop to work this morning, I passed right by Anthropologie and lo and behold, there was an open parking spot right in front. It was a sign from God. So I stopped, I looked, I listened (they were playing the Amy Winehouse cd), and I bought just a little something. These cute salt & pepper shakers! Ryan asked, "Do they match anything?" and I said NO! That's what's so cool about Anthropologie-- they don't HAVE to match anything. The iridescent bunny I bought from Urban Outfitters last summer for a song.

I also received my I See France necklace from Regina today. She's a fellow Micetsyer. Brass and gold are normally not my bag-- I'm a white gold/silver girl, but for this necklace I made an exception. You can see why! It's so adorable. Oh, how I do love Paris! And now I love my Paris necklace.

One last cutie pie thing-- my co-worker dug this book out that was her (grown) daughter's favorite book. Very sweet illustrations. Her daughter felt the need to draw in it quite extensively. Just a sign that it was very loved!!!!

TGIF! Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! And Mom and Dad are coming Sunday for Mother's Day and we are going to Royal Oak in Bloom. Should be a fun weekend. My second mother's day-- how fun!

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