Monday, May 21, 2007

MICE Craft Extravaganza Part Une

The Craft Extravaganza was yesterday, and it was great! I met some really great people and was told about the Detroit Urban Craft Fair on August 4, so I think I just may apply! How exciting. There was a steady stream of people. I sold like 15 things, so I was HAPPY with that. Should have made more of some things, less of others, but now I know.

Forgot to post this article from the Royal Oak Mirror last week! I was quoted and they showed a pic of one of my trinket boxes. I felt prettttty cool.

A hello to all my new friends (especially tablemates Chain Chain Chained & RedThreadDIY, Sparklepants, organizers Precious Pups and Design Chic and cool dude Kill Taupe), to my friend, Kristin, who helped me man my table in exchange for free sushi, and thanks to everyone who bought stuff and those who complimented my stuff and display. That was pretty dang awesome. Sigh.

Oh, and I will also post tomorrow about the SWEEEEEET stuff I bought. One of my faves is this little ditty from Citizen Jane (photo courtesy of her as well). No, model is not me (I wish I were that skinny).

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