Friday, January 22, 2010


photo courtesy of kern.justin on Flickr

Today is National Blondie Appreciation Day-- as in blonde brownies, not the musical group led by Debbie Harry (although they deserve their own national appreciation day too!). I am torturing myself by posting this because I heart blondies even more than regular brownies. I am jonesin' for one, but I am still on my quest for skinniness in 2010, therefore I will refrain as long as possible.

But could someone make a batch of Martha's Cream Cheese Swirl Blondies and email me with every single detail of how they taste????? HA!

In other highlights from around the blogosphere:
  • Check out these adorbs printable Valentine bags from Farm Chicks
  • The cutest Happy Birthday post from Danielle at Thompson Family Life
  • Free downloadable brownie bag design from Kathleen at Twig & Thistle (photo courtesy of Kathleen's blog). Maybe you could fill it with some blondies!
  • Some drammer surrounding my best dressed Golden Globes gal, Christina Hendricks (in Christian Siriano, might I add). On a side note, if I could look like anyone in Hollywood, despite my constant quest to lose weight, it would be Christina Hendricks. I think she is soooo impossibly beautiful. Cathy Horyn is just a hater.
  • I so want to see The Runaways and not just because I love KStew. I think Joan Jett is such a bad ass, and I'm so excited to see her story told. Looks like it's debuting at Sundance and will be released in March. Gotta love the fashion and makeup of the late 70s.
Any fun weekend plans? I discovered a realllllly gooooood (although Ryan thinks it's trashy) low-point cocktail: Skyy Grape vodka and Sprite Zero (2 pts!). So I'll be drinking my meals. Ha. Besides that, Q has her very first ballet recital tomorrow night! I'm so proud of my lil' goofball. Happy weekending, all! xo

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