Monday, February 1, 2010


Oh, I have several. A big one is only being able to focus on one thing at a time. I am SUPAH focused right now on my weight loss. It's consuming me (ironic, eh). It's such a dumb thing-- if I'm online, I'm on Weight Watchers OR some other weight loss support group page. In fact, I actually created a Facebook group called 2010 Will be the Year I Lose the Weight (as an aside, anyone can join if you are interested!). But what this means is that I'm not concentrating on being crafty or blogging. Bah!

Now for the scary part...I'm triple dutying weight loss competitions. I have one through Jazzercise, one through work and the big one: I've actually been chosen to be a part of a biggest loser-esque contest. More details on that in a few days, but the top prize is $10,000, so I'm a little freaked out!

Speaking of weaknesses, here is another. A local bakery, Stahl's, has these lemon snaps, and I'm totally addicted. I am afraid it's another item to be added to my "Do Not Eat" list because while one cookie is only 33 calories, I want to eat like 6 at a time. Not that horrible of a thing to scarf, but it's a total trigger food for me. SO GOOD.

Here are a couple more of my weaknesses. It's pics like these that make me forget I wanted to tear my hair out over the weekend because while Q loves her little sis, she loves TORMENTING her even more!

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