Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hearty Paper Bag Book

So hubby gets some candy and the girls and I made him a paper bag book this morning while he was grocery shopping. The idea came from Rosy~Posy via The Crafty Crow, and I'm so excited at how it turned out!

Page 1: Cover-- used decorative tape I've had for awhile at the edges and stickers from my stationery stash

Page 2 (Viv was trying to help): V's page. Paper doilies from Target's $ Spot and decorated by V

Page 2: Q's page. Q wrote her name on the doily. The valentine scrapbook paper was also from the Target $ Spot!

Page 3: The girl's favorite page. I put red lipstick on them and had them kiss the page. Heh. Q drew the hearts on the right page.

Page 4: on the right page is Ryan's old dog, Brentwood. When asked why he was included in the valentine book, her response was, "because he's dead." (?)

At the end, little inserts with stapled-on ribbon pull tabs. Insert #1: pic w/ Q in the hospital.

Insert #2: Asked Q what she thought of her daddy when she looked at him.

Insert #3: love note from Q (she told me what she wanted to say, and I told her the letters, but I didn't have to help her write the letters at all).

Insert #4: Ryan w/ newborn V. Note the panic/terror in his eyes this time around.

Insert #5: I asked Q one reason why she loved her daddy. The note below means he makes her forts out of cushions...close enough translation.

Insert #6: the little doobies...

Before you go thinking our family is all sweet and nice, take a gander at our newest favorite with fake poop! Ryan likes to make the girls put it between their legs then have it fall out like they're pinching a loaf on the floor. Good times. Sorry it's sideways...


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Hahahaha! Happy Valentine's Day!

Heliotrope Tree House said...

I saw that paper bag book!! I thought it was adorable. I added it to my Wists, but did not get around to making one with my girl. Your book came out beautifully. Ryan must have loved it so much. I'm sure it will become a treasured keepsake.
As for the fake poop, I was hysterical- because when my brother and I were little, we had a piece of fake poop and did the same exact thing! Must be a childhood thing! Excellent!