Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cookie Coma

So my cousin came over today, and the hubbies watched basketball while we baked then proceeded to eat our weight in valentine cookies, cookie dough and frosting. Great for my "diet", right? We did not, however, see eye to eye on the cookie recipe or the frosting. My grandmother's recipe that my cousin and aunt uses calls for anise. I like black licorice, but not when I'm eating sugar cookies. So I won out on that part. However, I like to make icing over a stovetop and it gets all good and buttery and crackley. Jana makes hers with a hand beater and it gets all fluffy. Still good, I admit (didn't stop me from eating any), but I like mine better. So there you have it. I have about 2 dozen for the potluck at work, a dozen for Q's daycare party, Jana took about 1.5 dozen, and then I made 5 plates for my friends at work. I don't have any to spare (thank God).

So that's that. I'm dreading work tomorrow although it's been nice and slow. But I'm trying to THINK SPRING. I've been getting some advice from my friend at work (landscape architect) to draw up a landscape plan for Jana. There are some GREAT opportunities for those in the Detroit area to get some cheapo trees and shrubs through The Greening of Detroit plant sale and ROOT program. So tell your friends.

Last but not least, I wanted to post the pics of the valentines I gave out in 3rd grade. Also, the MJ sticker pic is for Jessie who said she had an "I heart Michael Jackson" sticker. I also had several other MJs-- the weirdest I can think of at this moment was a teddy bear with Michael Jackson outfit stickers you could put ON the teddy bear. Hmmm...I will try to find that one next time I am home. Have a good week, all. xoxo

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Jana Banana said...

Girl all I am going to say is "HOLY COOKIE COMA for sure". It makes me wonder if we are from the same family on how you make yours :) Still good but next time we will do my cookie recipe and your frosting!!! YUMMY!!!!!