Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Own Etsy Treasury

So there's this thing on Etsy where you can sign up to have a Treasury. It is where you can share 12 of your favorite items with the Etsy community. And the hope is that people will love your treasury then visit your store as well. Apparently, people try endlessly to sign up, but they are always full. And even if a spot opens, it is gone in like a micromillisecond. Soooo...without further ado, here is my Blogspot Etsy Treasury (since I will never get a real one)!!!! (drumroll...)
Into The Woods...
Scary cute things you would encounter (anthropomorphic and otherwise) in an enchanted forest

1. Happy Log Drawstring Tote by Chet and Dot

2. Gone to Earth Plate Two by Magic Jelly (I have this!)

3. Bunny Stroll Coasters by Robot Candy

4. Bunny Spell Print by The Black Apple (I have this too!)

5. Grey Squirrel Patch by Cmastersphoto

6. Oh Deer Notecards from Papered Together

7. Sweet Toadstool Scrunchies by Treasure Island

8. Hand Painted Onesies by Kiki B

9. Hedgehog Crochet Pattern by Anapaulaoli

10. Forest Friends Bluebird Barrettes by Glitter Workshop (just bought these! For when Quinn grows some more hair.)

11. In the Woods Print by Art and Ghosts

12. Tree and Roots Painting on Wood Plaque by Plants and Animals

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