Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Love a Parade!

We took Q to her first Christmas parade downtown Royal Oak. This year, I've wanted to skip right over Thanksgiving/Fall decor and head right to Christmas for some reason. Doesn't help the RO's Xmas parade takes place so early.

Q was pretty good-- she didn't try to run at the horses and didn't really get antsy at all. Dale & Thomas was giving out (messy) mini bags of cheddar popcorn though, so that kept her occupado as well. I just bought these boots for her-- they crack me up. The girl is far better dressed than I. She's like my living doll.

Then we went to my friend's hubby's office which is right on the parade route and watched it from the 2nd floor with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa. Had a very nice weekend. How was yours?

Also, went shopping with my sis in laws downtown RO and picked up this cutie at The Green Bee. It lights up too! Q loves (as do I). I wish I could just jump inside. I may try to find a battery operated light to put inside and stick it on my mantle.

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