Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Xmas Train

I CANNOT believe everyone is already on the Xmas train. In reality, it IS November 8th, and that doesn’t seem too early, but I guess I’m just in disbelief that it’s already November 8th, fer cryin’ out loud. I do have to agree with Jennifer that there are many things about Michaels that I do not love, but LOOK AT THE NEW MARTHA THINGS! I am all about the beautiful faux bois (aka woodgrain) ribbon. I just like to bust out my limited French skills on y’all-- faux bois literally translates to “fake wood”). Mmmmm…Christmas.

So last weekend I was out of town visiting my sweet friend, Lizard, and her family since last Wednesday, but I am back. We saw some movies-- The Devil Wears Prada (as horrid as I thought it would be), Knocked Up (my 2nd time seeing it), and a GREAT ONE, Gone Baby Gone (directed by Ben Affleck). I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has seen it. My parents think Casey Affleck made the wrong decision at the end, I do not. I'm very surprised that this movie wasn't hyped more because it was very good-- Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris as well as his real life wife, Amy Madigan, were in it.

I've decided I would not be a good southerner. No offense to anyone reading from the south-- I am just too high-strung to handle it. We went to a fun Antique/Collectible show at the local expo center, The Metrolina (I just like saying it). Didn't buy anything because there were dealer prices, not flea market prices which I'm used to, but it was fun to look anyway. My friend found a nice and cheap mantle shelf for her fireplace.
I have to also show you some paintings Lizzie made for her son's nursery. It's of their three doggies (one of which had to be put to sleep a few months back). I really love the colors. She's a very good artist!

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kari said...

Awwww! The dog paintings are so sweet. I love them.