Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shiny Happy People

Contrary to what past posts may have reflected, I am a pretty happy person. I’m thinking someone has released some sort of non-toxic happy gas into the air in the Detroit Metro area because people are being REALLY NICE. And I like to give credit where credit is due, so here is a list of some Nicey Nicertons that I have met within the past few days and would like to thank:

  1. Unknown Postal Clerk at the Berkley Post Office: I was sending an order yesterday consisting of two books. I had included a few little extras including some candy and a retro-ish pencil eraser. I asked the clerk if I could send it media mail even though those extras were included, and she said no. Since the cost difference was over FIVE DOLLARS, I decided to open the package and take out the extras (sorry, Stacey). I came back to the counter to buy a roll of packaging tape so I could tape my opened package back up. Unknown clerk silently hands me a piece of packing tape from her own desk, and the clerk beside her says, “WOW! Are you actually being nice? Miss, I’ll have you know, this doesn’t happen very often.” Maybe it was because I was honest? Or because I didn’t gripe when she told me the rules? I only saved like $3.59, but it was the thought that counted, so thank you Surly-but-Nice Postal Clerk! And I like their new holiday knits stamps too.

  2. Unknown Sales Trainee at the Southfield Michaels Store: Went to buy craft supplies for my new Christmas projects. Did you know that if you forget your Michaels coupon, you can sign a list and use the 40% discount on one item anyway? It’s true. So I told the girl I wanted to use my “virtual coupon”, she rang my zillions of items (how do you spend $76 at Michaels with only one item over $5?), gave me the total and then forgot to give me my 40% off one item. I told her it was okay, but she said she’d correct it. Luckily, the store wasn’t busy (I hate people like me). She returned the highest priced item then re-rang it with my coupon. Saved me a whopping $4.00 (hey, it adds up!), but she was perfectly cheerful and willing the entire time. Then, after all that, I left that ONE damn item at the register and they chased me down in the parking lot (did I tell you I hate people like me?). So thank you, cute little Michaels trainee girl! I hope you don’t quit after today.

  3. Unknown Waitress at Southfield Telegraph Kerby’s Koney Island: Do people outside the Detroit metro area know what a coney island is? Is that a stupid question? I’m from the west side of the state, and we don’t have coneys there, so I’d never heard of them before I moved here. They are basically diners, most of which serve Greek food in addition to standard diner fare, and there’s one on virtually every corner. Anywho, said nice waitress gave me extra dressing for my carryout Greek salad and a large Guernsey Farms lemonade even though I only ordered a small. Then she called me “honey” which I always think is endearing especially when it comes from someone other than a blue-hair because it’s unexpected. Oh, except if you are a man, do NOT call me “honey” or “sweetheart” in the professional realm because I will go ape-shit on you. But thank you, exhausted-looking but super sweet Kerby’s waitress! I salute you and my beloved Kerby Melt as well.

  4. Mary Helen: For noticing my burgeoning bosom (one good thing about being PG). And everyone else who has made sweet comments about my embarrassing photo op.

  5. My Quinner: Who has been such a good girl for me in her Daddy’s absence (he’s in Philly at a work conference). Yesterday morning she woke up at 5:45am, yelled, “Mommmmayyyy” across the hall, I replied, “Go back to sleep sweetie. It’s too early to get up,” and she said, “Okayyyyy”. And she didn’t make a peep until an hour later even though I knew she was awake and reading in her crib the whole time. She’s a good shit.

  6. Martha again: Have you seen her K-Mart ornaments? My mom said she also has cute polka dot balls too. If not for Martha, I could possibly take the (All-)Handmade Pledge.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, Loveys!


Sarah and Jack said...

I snagged some of those Martha ornies way back in October, and good thing I did, our store is nearly empty already. I put them on a little tree this weekend, and they are fabulously cute.

Lori said...

I 'm so tickled to see someone has met some nice sales clerks, bravo for you! So enjoy your site, and try to visit often! Lori

IamSusie said...

We moved to Chicagoland after living in Metro Detroit for 4 years (Commerce Township- prior tho that we lived in Grand Rapids). We still get nostalgic about all the fantastic diners in Detroit. The staff were invariably friendly and the hummus! Yummy!

Other places, people think that Coneys are a style of hot dog.