Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm addicted to this! It's from Bath & Body Works. It leaves a nice shimmery glaze on your kisser and not too sticky either. Sorry about the nice "stock" photo, but since it's dark here at 5:00, I cannot get a decent photograph to save my life.

Finished up and made some progress on some more ornaments. So basically, 1 ornament down some others started), 15 or so to go (yeesh) and 1 banner down, 5 more to go! I'll try to take a picture of my tiny snow deer ornament. He's in a little sphere painted mint green with red glitter, downy white cotton snow, and a snow-flocked mini pinecone. I love him. Ryan thinks he's gaudy. Pooh on him! Also working on some 3-d Xmas image ornaments for the MICE show. Yee haw!

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