Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bits O' Red

Communication with the outside world has been restored! Our modem was fixed late Thursday.

Just received some new stationery from The Black Apple. Ryan says I've been making sneaky purchases lately. Nuh uh!

Isn't the beret-clad hedgehog just the bee's knees???

And finished painting the drawer pulls for Q's old/new dresser. We were going to buy a new one, but I have had the one we ended up using since I was a baby. Not super high quality, but sentimental value. Ryan slapped on a few new coats of paint then added these. We're going to line the drawers with woodgrain contact paper.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We had fun with my bro and SIL and niece in Chicago. Went here and here.
Went to another estate sale last week and bought a lovely yellow/pink hand "coloured" print and the scariest frigging yo yo clown I've ever seen. Will take pics this week and both will be for sale in my Etsy shop!
I'm so ashamed at how much I've slacked in crafting. I've even had to force myself to estate sales...what's wrong with me?? Had great intentions of making Valentine's goodies, but I'm afraid it may be too late now. Dang-o!


Naomi said...

I've been making sneaky Etsy purchases too... I bought yet another gnome print for our 'walls of weirdness' as Jerome calls them, a custom vinyl deer wallet for my sis, AND a deer and heart sterling necklace for her. All yesterday!!! Yikes....

xxoo oh, and you're slacking at crafting because you are growing a baby and trying to have a life, darlin..

Felicia said...

Aw, love the nobs!

nickycunha said...

the knobs are adorable!