Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I was just thinking how much it would suck to have February 29 as your birthday as a kid. It's bad enough having a summer birthday so that you can't celebrate at school, but to only have an "official" birthday every 4 years would be a bummer.

(Photo courtesy of iconomy vs. flickr)

My sister in law and her hub leave today for Spain! It's a belated honeymoon. I'm so jealous. Have fun, Shanny!


dang-argyle said...

this is unrelated, but vivien is a cute name! it's sassy yet sweet. (like her mumma?)

Jennifer said...

Did you ever see Pirate's of Penzance? That's all about having a birthday on Leap Day. It's probably one of those things that sucks as a kid but is cool as an adult.

Hey, thanks for popping by my blog the other day. I tried going to the Flickr pics you posted but they told me they were unavailable. Hmmm . . . All I did was a simple copy and paste.

Jennifer said...

Never mind about me not being able to get to your Flickr photos - I ended up just going to your Flick home page and checking out alot of your photos. I'm so jealous - you've got so much great stuff. I went a little crazy with the comments too (crazy in the number, not in the content).