Monday, March 3, 2008

BA on MS!

I am sure most of my crafty cohorts know that Emily Martin of The Black Apple is going to be on Martha on March 11. My Tivo is set and ready to go! But since I know some of my non-crafting friends and family read my blog, you must know that I would consider her to be one of biggest crafting heroes. Others being this sweet lady who inspired me to open my Etsy shop and of course, Miss Stewart herself. But I digress.

Emily's success with Etsy is crazy! Over 12,000 items sold, and she makes her living at it. I do think it's nice that she still pens personal little notes in her packages and writes you the occasional email when you comment on her blog. Here are just a few little things around our house that have been created by Emily.

Mama and Baby Dunce Dolls in my craft room:

A Bandit Hedgie Tee for Quinn (won't fit her for awhile):

Wee House Stationery:

And my very first Etsy purchases (made about a year and a half ago) now in Q's toddler room!

And a few of you sweeties have asked to see Q's room. I'm a little embarrassed of it right now. The whole theme was to be pink & red and enchanted foresty. No fairies, but mushrooms, looming trees, hedgehogs, and gnomes. Welllll, I'm waiting on the quilt and I'm hoping that it pulls everything together because right now I'm feeling like my vision is not turning out as I'd hoped. I still need the perfect clock and curtains, but I may wait until after the quilt is on the bed. Thinking just plain swiss dot curtains with light blocking shades underneath, but not sure of that either.

Also, wanted to share with you this little ditty. I found the first mix CD I ever made, and Q and I were rockin' out to it on the way to lunch with my cousin this morning. I love this song by Fleming & John! I particularly like the lines "Does she tell you want you want to hear? And I bet that she could grow a beard. I'd feel better thinking you were queer..." Sigh. What a sweet song.

Hope y'all survived Monday. I'm off to eat dinner...lobster bisque and yeast dinner rolls homemade by...NOT ME-- Westborn Market, actually. :) xo


sweetjessie said...

oh, you sweetie pie! Thanks for the love!!!

sweetjessie said...

ps: So what about baby Vivian's room? Can we see that??

Heather said...

I second that! Jessie has been so kind and such an inspiration to me as well! I fell in love with her book plates over at Mahar a few years back.