Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tees for Two

So I told Jessie that I loved the outfits she made back in September and that I'd love to buy one for Q this spring. She told me she would make one for Q as a gift (how generous is she?), but she went above and beyond generous, that's for sure! We were out of town this weekend, but guess what greeted me when we got home today????

That would be a spring outfit for Q, a bib and onesie for Vivan, AND some totally cute and kawaii Japanese mushroom candy. That shirt for Q KILLS ME. You can see more pictures here. So cute and so extremely thoughtful. I was so giddy! I tried to get Q to model, but she was being a super turd after the car ride home. Another day, I suppose. Thank you so much, Jessie!!!

Despite his recent conversion to pescetarianism, Ryan is making an exception and continuing the tradition of corned beef and cabbage. Our house smells very beefy right now (ugh), but the finished product is worth it. He makes a great honey mustard glaze for the brisket too. meat. You can see the reflection of the slab in the left pot below. Heh.


Amby said...

How cool...I landed on your blog via the Etsy Sellers webring...I live in Royal Oak too! Your store is too cute...I'll definitely be perusing for stuff for my baby niece! :-)

Sarah and Jack said...

Gah, I hate that stink of corned beef which is filling my house right now too.

The clothes for the girls are darling!

sweetjessie said...

I'm so happy that you're so happy with everything!

Joel S. said...

I've also decided to convert to pescetarianism, although I'll make exceptions for things like Thanksgiving.