Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ode to My Retro Paperboard Suitcase Searcher

Yes, I’m talking to YOU there in Buena Park, California! I hope I’m not freaking you out, ha. I’m intrigued by your method of reaching my page. I have a little cheat tool that allows me to find out how people come to find my page, and I see that you have visited me 41 times through a search of “Retro Paperboard Suitcases” since the beginning of December. I’m so glad you stop by! Won’t you say hello, my mystery reader??? :)

On a completely unrelated topic (and disclaimer: I am going to start boring toddler talk now), Q has been sleeping in her big girl bed now for 3 nights with NOOOOOO issue!!!! I was a bit embarrassed to tell you that we gave up the struggle after our first attempts and let her start sleeping in the crib again. But we actually moved the crib INTO the new room. Even the first few nights in the crib in the new room were a teensy bit tough—lots of waking up in the middle of the night and crying for no reason, so the trauma must have stemmed from the new room, not so much the new bed.

You do not know how worried I have been about trying this again. But Sara’s and Amy’s successes inspired me to tough it out! Even though the hubby wasn’t very supportive of the Cry It Out method, so that was stressing me out even more. Luckily, no CIO was necessary. She slept 11.5 hours straight Saturday night with only a sleepy “Mommy, Mommy” uttered at 1:30am but went directly back to sleep. Phew!!!!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Congratulations on big girl bed success!

(41 visits from the same person? Wow. LOL. On a side note, are you using google analytics?)

sweetjessie said...

So funny, Sarah. I always want to be like, "hey, you in Oviedo, Florida - who are you? Come say hi!"

Anonymous said...

love your site, have purchased goods in the past..........
good luck w/ number 2..........
I'm the onew who grew up in Midland MI.

Heather said...

cute suitcase!!