Saturday, January 24, 2009


I was putzing with Photoshop this morning and came up with this silhouette of Q:

Based on this pic:

My mom doesn't think it looks too much like her. Ryan thinks her hair looks mullet-esque. I need to take a look at some hand-cut versions somehow and add details. I don't know as if I like the pic either. It's a few months old. I think I may wait until V has some hair and take some new pics on a white background. I primarily used these directions and messed with it freehand.

I'm so excited-- I get a girl's night out tonight. My friend is having a wine & cheese party with no boys allowed! Whoo hoo! Of course, she'll get a personalized set of these. Ryan picked out a good Italian red we had at Thanksgiving. We had to email the info off so it could be compiled. Here's the description I found online:

"The Briccotondo is a ruby-red wine with purple highlights. The nose is packed with black fruit, especially blackberries and plums, with slight spicy overtones hinting at black pepper and cinnamon. Sweet, soft tannins come together in a closely-woven texture that merges with the fruit, while a crisp freshness provides a long, tasty finish."

Hmmm...tasted like red wine to me!

One more fun little thing on a sunny Saturday. You can generate your own saying on a candy heart! It's the Acme Heartmaker! I'd love to make some of these to include in my Etsy orders, but so far, all the sources I've found have been a wee bit cost prohibitive.

Happy weekending, all! xo


Claudia said...

oh, that's cute :)

Vintage Hunter said...

I love silhouettes! I had silhouettes made of my oldest two kids about 8 years ago by an artist who was visiting a local mall. Then last year I sent him pictures of my youngest son and my dog and he made silhouettes from those. He did an awesome job! He hand cuts them just from looking at the picture. My dd had curly hair like yours and he really added lots of great detail to the hair so it looked a lot like her. His website is They are a little pricey but he does a very nice job. I think the ones he did in person were a little bit better but they are all really good.

E.K. Mac said...

I would like to use the picture for a book cover that may be published and was wondering if I could do just that and what your copyright regulations and rules are. Just tell me what to include as the credits and I will make sure the author includes it in the copyright info. In the book. Please respond soon. You can comment your response in my blog... under the most recent post! Please respond soon, thank you!