Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

I just got done watching Prayers for Bobby, and as far as Lifetime movies go, it was really good! I am embarrassed to say that I bawled for the better part of the last half. :)

You may remember that V and I watched the parade scene being filmed back in June. That was fun to watch on-screen. I also recognized the corner of Sherman & Fourth Street during the scene where the family was sending him off to Portland on the bus. Also, they used Royal Oak City Hall for the City Council meeting. All locations within a mile of my house! Pretttty nifty.

In other movie news, the barber shop scene in Gran Torino was filmed 1/2 mile from my house at Widgrens Barber Shop. :) Sorry, I'm such a celebrity junkie that I'm totally enthralled by all of this movie stuff lately in Michigan!!!


Donna said...

hi. i live in rochester. i started to watch that movie and got interupted, so i turned it off. i had no idea it was filmed here in michigan. hey, can u tell me about the flea market in royal oak? i have never been, but would like to go - have no idea how it is. thnx.

Jenna Z said...

Oooh, man! I am with you! Last night I watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame special Loving Leah and was....touched! I nearly cried at the movie but not quite. What I cried over were the Hallmark commercials scattered throughout!! Ack, the one with the old teacher retiring! And the one with the dad who learned to read and the first thing he read were all the father's day cards he had gotten!!! Ack!