Friday, February 13, 2009

Cute, Fun, Scary Cute, Scary...

On this fine Friday afternoon, I am enjoying the following:

I always think UO stuff is going to be bigger. Like this vase is pretty tiny, but still REALLY lovely.

♥Apartment Therapy. I am a complete addict. They totally need a AT: Detroit!!!!!!

♥I found this at Loved to Death's Etsy Shop a few months ago and forgot to mention it. I love it SO MUCH. It's been sold, but they do have a lovely pigeon shadow box currently.

♥It would have looked splendid in my craft room with this BEAUTIFUL print from Madelaine's Etsy Shop.

I think between this and the mouse taxidermy, I may have been a goth girl in a former life. I would love to put this in my craft room, but methinks it may disturb the kiddos. I dunno-- I still may get it.

And I thought my basement was going to be done today-- it's not. Carpet dudes couldn't carpet. Should be done Monday. Are you sick of basement talk yet? I am!!!

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