Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscar Rant

This is the first year in many that I actually stayed up to watch the ENTIRE Oscars. I usually Tivo and watch later. I was a little behind because I recorded the E! Red Carpet stuff and started watching at 8, but I caught up right around Best Actress. Love DVR’ing stuff like that, so I can whiz through junk like the Jerry Lewis thing (snooooooze).

My thoughts (feel free to chime in or wholeheartedly disagree):

+I hate admitting that my favorite dress belonged to Miley Cyrus (barfaloney). I’m obviously all about teenybopper stuff (*cough* Twilight), but I don’t care for her atttttt alllllll. Her dress, however, was gorgeous. The petal things on the skirt??? That tiny little waist of hers? I loved it.

+Other dresses I loved: Heidi Klum (always perfect), the SJP (in “barely mint”), Kate Winslet (the hair!), and Natalie Portman (her dress was a beautiful raspberry sherbet but her skin had a not-so-great orange sherbet hue to it).

+I love my self-deprecating Robert Pattinson.

-Was bummed that no one looked super horrible. Well, except Mickey Rourke with his dumb dog necklace and Sophia Loren at the end. Yikes! I admire that she hasn’t had much work done—really I do. But I think they should have picked out a dress and makeup color that softened her up a bit. She’s still awesome though.

-Not awesome was Goldie Hawn's refusal to get old and her blatant love of plastic surgery.

-Poor SJP slipped and Daniel Craig did NOT offer his arm. Now Daniel, WWJBD?

-Wasn’t a big fan of Beyonce’s black and gold dress, Reese’s black and blue number (with the clear plastic straps showing), or Amy Adam’s big honkin’ necklace.

+Sean Penn’s speech was AWESOME!!! So well-put. My favorite part: “I think it is a good time for those who voted for the ban on gay marriages to sit and reflect and anticipate the shame and disgrace in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue in this way to support [the ban].” However…

-“I was bummed he didn’t thank Robin. She was blubbering in the front row, man, right there! C’mon!

+The pale skin. I thought Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, and Evan Rachel Wood looked lovely sans the fake orange tan.

-Beyonce lip syncing. If Hugh and Anne could sing live, and they’re not even professional singers, WTF?

+I loved the way they introduced the best actress/actor nominees with the one-on-one comments from their peers. I was getting verklempt for Viola Davis and Anne Hathaway myself! What wonderful things to hear from seasoned vets.

+Ben Stiller’s version of Joaquin.

+/-I will not say anything critical about the Heath Ledger thing. I will reserve judgment until after I watch Dark Knight which has been on my Tivo for 2 months.

+The unapologetically (is that a word?) immature Pineapple Express dudes. And Janusz Kaminski hanging out with the two with his head rested lovingly on SG’s breast. I like that Kaminski guy even better this morning when I read that he was the Director of Photography for the movie Cool As Ice. Cool As Ice just happened to be my movie of choice if I had a hangover during my college years. What?? It was comforting!!!! :)

So what say you?


Amelac said...

As usual, I pretty much agree with you about EVERYTHING!!!

Except-I did like Amy Adams' necklace...

Ethan had never seen Edward before, and was shocked to see that yes, he really does look like a vampire in real life!

I too never stay up for the whole thing, although I did last night (thanks to ol' Henry boy!).

rachnye said...

You might change your mind about the Heath thing when you see Dark Night. It's an amazing performance. He completely disappears.

Veronica said...

I never was particularly impressed by Heath Ledger until I saw The Dark Knight. It is a remarkable performance in an awesome crime drama (that happens to be about superheroes).

Anonymous said...

Good insight about this event 'girl land', I was reading a 'funny and smart' review for this Oscar 2009 presentation, and if I may will like to share it, and keep being so 'natural' and assertive in your observations, I enjoy reading your posts...hope you
like to post it after having your approval, thanks!

Well I read this at this website very funny at times:
thethreetomatoes, by Cheryl Benton

"The Gran Torino Oversight and what the tomato actresses wore
So, in no particular order, here are a few random thoughts on the Oscar Awards.

We thought Hugh Jackman was a charming and entertaining host and we loved the new format of the show. Especially having previous Oscar winning actors and actresses onstage to honor each of the nominated actors and actresses with a personal tribute.

Funniest moment of the evening was Ben Stiller's spoof on the increasingly weird Joaquin Phoenix. We've posted it at 3T.TV if you missed. Plus you'll see Natalie Portman's fabulous dress, one of our favorites.

Most uncomfortable moment we loved to watch was when Jennifer Aniston was presenting on stage and the camera flashed once on Angelina Jolie and then on Angie and Brad Pitt. But let's be honest. Tacky as it was, it was the moment we all wanted to see, so we've posted that too at 3T.TV, but you can be nice and not watch.

We were thrilled that Slumdog Millionaire won best picture this year. Hooray for the little Indie movie that could. And according to last week's poll, it was the Oscar nominated movie most seen by tomatoes too.

And after seeing Milk, we knew there was no way Sean Penn could not have won Best Actor even though we love Mickey Rourke's comeback. Sean was terrific, and the movie is a powerful reminder of the ignorance and prejudices that gays in our society have had to overcome and still do. Sean got our vote for best acceptance speech too - funny, self-mocking, and thoughtful. If you missed it, we've posted it to 3T.TV.

But our other favorite movie after Slumdog this year was Gran Torino. We don't know anyone who saw this movie who hasn't loved it, but unfortunately we do not vote in the Academy. And it just may be Clint Eastwood's best role ever. (And he still gets our vote as one of the sexiest men on the planet.) Shame on the academy for totally overlooking this film. But then again, Dark Night was seen by twice as many people as all five of the Oscar nominated movies put together, and with the exception of Heath Ledger's nomination for his role as the Joker (which he deserved to win even if he had lived), the movie received only a couple of other nominations.

Memo to Hollywood. Stop complaining that people aren't going to the movies, like we are somehow not doing our part for the entertainment industry. Take a look at the low budget movies that people love (Slumdog, Juno), and movies like Gran Torino that we're actually paying to see. So stop whining right now and make movies we'll go to the theater to see.

Second memo to Hollywood. We think your efforts to publicly downplay the lavish side of Hollywood due to your "sensibilities" that the country is in a recession are just down right idiotic and hypocritical. Like actresses wearing less "borrowed" bling will make us feel better? If you want to show your sensibilities, lower the costs of making movies (like paying less than $10 to $20 million to actors and actresses per movie) so you can lower the price of a theater ticket. And throw in the popcorn too.

What the tomato actresses and a few not quite tomatoes wore
Our favorite part of the Oscar awards is checking out what the actresses wear, and if it's tomatoes up or down. So check out our reviews at The Three Tomatoes and let us know if you agree or disagree with our couch tomato assessments. And because we're tomatoes, we've featured several actresses "who aren't kids" like Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Eva Marie Saint, Virginia Madesen, and Sophia Loren. And we've included a few reviews of what the cherry tomatoes wore too, like Penelop Cruz and Sara Jessica Parker. It was interesting to see lots of white and ivory, very little black, pops of color, and in general lots of elegance. Kinda of makes you long for those outrageous Cher outfits. So check out our reviews and let us know what you think."