Friday, August 29, 2008

Bloggy Fun

I had some fun with Google Analytics this morning. Since inception of my little blogiverse, I have had visitors from 109 countries (or territories) and over 19,000 hits! I just think that’s so cool, you guys. Thank you!!!

Appearing last on my list was one visitor from the sovereign state of Andorra. Do you know where that is on the map, class? Me neither, so I wiki’ed it.

Some fun facts about Andorra:

+Andorra has the highest life expectancy in the world (83.5 years).
+Its currency is called “diners” and only a small amount was minted.
+“Andorra” is derived from an Arabic word meaning “forest”
+And they legally recognized same sex civil unions in 2005. How bout that?

Also thought I’d throw in some weird keywords people have used to make their way to my little ol’ blog (though they are not as fun as other’s):

+“My sister dressed me as a girl”
+“Mom booty”
+“Biggest girl turd movies”
+“Hobo Land”
+And my personal favorite, “Elf boobs” (a fetish, perhaps?)

There were actually lots of searches with porn-related titles. Probably because of the GIRL Land, a post about finding out we were having a girl (XX chromosomes) too, and my obsession with ye old BOOB tube! :)

I’ve been inspired by Jenna to revamp my blog. Since we aren’t going anywhere this weekend due to one teething infant and one (as of this morning) puking 2 year old, maybe I shall try my hand at it.

Lastly, I realize I haven’t had a giveaway in a lonnnnnnng time. I’m thinking of maybe 3 giveaways. Maybe one of vintage items, one of kawaii items, and one for a Girl Land Gift Certificate??? I’m aiming for my 300th post although that’s not for 20 more posts—need to step it up a bit.

Everyone have a lovely, lovely holiday weekend. I’m sad to see summer go, but I am excited for fall at the same time.


Jessie said...

I've spent the last week looking for a tutorial on changing my blog template - thank you so much for the link!!!!

Jenna Z said...

Haha, elf boobs! Good luck with the makeover, it's not so hard really. You can email me if you get stuck, not that I'm some sort of blogger super-wizard but, ya know, I'm here.

Cristin said...

Elf boobs!! That's about what mine look like now that Dottie is done with them....;)

Kari said...

Hey there! Just wondering if you watched the season premier of Prison Break last night. Of course, Wentworth *sigh* was looking as fine as ever and you were right about Sara still being alive. The story line continues to be a little far-fetched, but, I guess I'll keep watching anyway. Prison Break premiered last night at the same time as Gossip Girl - you know my DVRs were running full speed. My husband thinks I need help, LOL!