Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Turds

They both are. Total turds. But I love 'em anyway. Q has been taking her lippy pills these days. Terms like, "Don't talk to me", "Daddy's stoopid", and "Go in the other room" are becoming commonplace. She bit her friend in the head at daycare last week, and I was mortified. She (somewhat) redeems herself with things like tellling one of the daycare ladies that the skidmark in her undies is "ok-- it's just chocolate". Or seeing a puppy on the side of the street and saying "sooooo cute" in a high pitched voice then talking about how puppies should never never play with knives (?). She's also taken a shine to the ringtone on my cellphone which happens to be Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani which she proceeds to jam out to on the way to daycare each morning.

I am home now with V. She is a miserable lump. My golden girl has turned into a wretched shrieking, red-eyed, no-sleeping, drool monster. She is teething. This is new to me as Q grew no teeth until she was about 13 months old. No hair, no teeth at her first b-day. Picturing one of these??? Don't blame you. But I love them. And these things shall pass. And they shall be replaced by other annoyances. Just as I am not perfect, my kids are far from as well.

No matter what, though, they will always be my living dolls. Fabric for some holiday dresses to be made by Christina:

The dots is for Quinn-- long sleeve A-line with chocolate brown peter pan collar. The gingham is for Viv-- short sleeve A-line with cream collar and cream cardigan. Wanted them complimentary without being matching. I thought about matching, but I just couldn't do it!!! Ugh. No offense to those mothers who do matching.

Happy Hump Day y'all.


Sarah and Jack said...

Hylands teething tablets might help the babe? (Jack didnt get any teeth until around 8 months I think.)

Simply Nichole said...

I love the part of the video:

"Who sings this?"

"Gwen Stefffaaaannniii"


Kinda Nazi of you. HAHA



She's the cutest little devil ever.

Cristin said...

The link to the ugly kid cracked me right up!!

Love the dancin video... she and Dottie could totally bust a move together.. what is it with little girls and dancing? It's all hips man...

Sorry about the teething... neither of my kids seemed to notice it much...

Shan said...

I miss my girls being little like that, they were sugar boogers too!