Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been obsessed with this dress ever since Kathleen posted it. Her inspiration was from this dress from Ses Petites Mains.
Well, it’s on sale. I splurged and bought it. More than I care to spend on a 2 year old, but I had to have it. While I was at it, I bought this one too for next spring/summer!
When Quinn was a baby, I used to buy lots of her non-daycare clothing from Janie and Jack. Now is pretty much a Target and Old Navy gal, so I thought she needed something special. It will serve triple duty: Halloween costume (she will be a 40's style Little Red Riding Hood with a white 1/2 apron and red hooded cape), Thanksgiving with the in-laws with a red cardigan, tights and black maryjanes, and Xmas Eve with my parents with the same.

Ventured into Etsy Alchemy again— I really do love it. Am hopeful that it works out well. Have gotten some great bids for the apron, cape and Big Bad Wolf costume, so I’m excited.

How was your weekend? We saw a pretty good movie, The Counterfeiters. Typical scenario—Ryan picks it out with super high hopes. I whine about having to watch a non-fluffy movie (I’m so shallow). He ends up being semi- disappointed, and I am engaged during the whole movie. Although, we are both looking forward to this one:

OSB Update: Made the zucchini quiche, and it was AWESOME. Omitted the parsley and oregano because we had none, but added dried mustard. Didn’t read the directions well enough and mistakenly added the cheese to the egg mixture. That’s my downfall in the kitchen: too impatient and don’t pay enough attention to detail. Anywho, baked it for the suggested time, and the top got all crisp and chewy in a great way. Served it flipped over, and it was like a cheesy bottom crust. Yummers! And I counted it as 2 veggies (because of the 1 cup cooked squash in each piece), but I think with the onion, it could probably be counted as 3…hmmm. Currently obsessed with Lean Cuisine paninis. They are 7 WW points, but I was literally STUFFED after eating one yesterday for lunch. Just had the BBQ flatbread pizza. It was so so. Bought Hostess 100 calorie packs carrot cake—ONE WW POINT! There’s like 4g of fiber in those bad boys. Sweeeeet.


Cheshire Kat said...

Those are adorable! Quinn will be so stylin'!

sunnie_fairy said...

aaw- such a cute dress!

Cristin said...

Such cute frocks!

I can't wait to see that movie either...