Thursday, August 28, 2008

Decal Crazy

You know how I love vinyl decals. I also love waterslide decals! But mostly just kid ones.

I found a project to use some of them. I wanted them to look more weathered. A little nursery stepstool. Damn that good paint I used! I wish I had rubbed the edges of the stools with beeswax so the paint would come off easier when sanded. Do you know that trick? I think I have a chunk somewhere. Oh well. I still like it. I have two more to make for DUCF.

Here are some other decals I sooooo love!

I ruined one of them-- the BEST one. It was a turquoise bear knitting a pink and white striped something. I failed to take a picture or scan it before it bit the dust. It was really brittle. The other three may hold the same fate. We shall see...


Jenna Z said...

Don't you hate it when that happens to one of the precious decals?! I have a sheet of small ones that would look great on glassware if I ever get off my duff and do it and I ruined one of them. Somehow on my craft table a errant piece of tape got stuck to one of them and, poof, there it went!

dawn silvio said...

unrelated to the current post....but, i was thinking you had a thing for red riding hood? and i saw the cutest rubber stamp set on etsy....i know....just what you want, someone telling you to go spend $$$, but, i hadda do it.
here is the link:
fyi...i grew up in the royal oak area...."heart" your blog