Monday, August 25, 2008

Yay, DUCF & More Vintage Finds

Whoo hoo! I got in! I will be a vendor at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. So excited. I totally didn’t think I’d get in because I think there were more apps than last year, AND I was lucky enough to get in last year. I’m so happy because there were ideas swimming around in my head that I thought would be perfect for DUCF. Sigh. Very happy. Feel free to check out some pics from previous year’s show! Seriously, if you’ve never been, this is THE place for nifty stuff you can’t find anywhere else. This year will be even better as it’s near Christmas.

So we went to my parent's this past weekend to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary (go Jan and Jim!). Saw my bro, SIL, and niece. Q loves her cousin and was a complete spaz. We got to go antiquing a bit Saturday. Here are some pics from one of my fave stores downtown (excuse the quality-- they were taken with Ryan's phone).

And here were my finds! This dress is in perfect condition. No stains, rips, holes, etc. Viv may wear it for her first bday.

These S&P shakers which will make their way into my shop. Frankly, I don't make much of anything on antique store resale. I just love the aesthetic of the stuff, and it always makes its way into the hands of someone who really loves it. That's so worth it to me.

And these two are my ABSOLUTE FAVES! Not sure what I'm going to do with the clown nursery lamp, but the pic is going up in my craft room.

Also, my mom found me a house shaped shadow box FOR A DOLLAR that is currently a dark stained wood. Would love to finish it off a la Ismoyo (scroll down to her July 15th post) and put some little treasures in the openings.
Hope everyone had a fabu weekend!
OSB Update: Only lost .8 lb last Friday. Too many Hostess 100 cal packs, methinks, and no exercise. Boooooooo! Also, was bad over the weekend, but I'm back on track today. All I can do is keep on keepin' on! Sigh.


naomi said...

ooohhh.... I still can't decide if we should attempt to come out for the DUCF show! I heard it was a fun show and I really am trying to do as many as I can squeeze in this season. It would also be great fun to hang out between customers!!

I LOVE the vintage finds. I am definately having thrifting withdrawl.... I got out for 30 min. on Saturday and came home to a freaking out baby and frantic looking hubby..

ismoyo said...

Congratulations on getting into the DUCF! That's wonderful.

And i see you got your hands on a houseshaped shadowbox! That's even better than my square shaped version. I bet you'll make something real pretty with it. I'll be thrilled to see it. A little paint and color, if it's fabric or origami paper or more paint can make for such a great transformation!

sunnie_fairy said...

nice! cute... :]

Kate K said...

congrats! how fun!

hey - we need to go back to Allegan. Sept is last one. or maybe next year.