Saturday, January 19, 2008

"No Like-A Big Girl Bed"

We attempted to make the transition from crib to twin bed last night. Did not go so smoothly. She loves her new room-- playing in it, getting on and off the bed, and even laying in the bed. Sleeping in the bed? That's a different story. Tried again at naptime today, and she was not having it. Although, we did make a little more progress. She laid down and read some books and wanted me to lay with her. But the minute I got up to go downstairs, she started crying hysterically. Baby steps I guess. Any transitioning tips would be greatly appreciated!

Need to start making some new items! The last of my Apple Dee Doo address books are officially gone now, so I'm thinking of cutting up this vintage sheet with these charms for some new addy books.

And maybe the same with this fabric. I cleaned out our upstairs closet and found scads of fabric including this which isn't vintage but looks vintage-y to me (from Joann's!).

Also found YARDS AND YARDS of these Michael Miller western print fabrics that I bought when I was pregnant with Quinn. If Quinn were a boy, was going to have the nursery bedding made from this. I bought it because I read that it was going to be discontinued (I'm such a freak). I tried selling the whole 8 yards of the ditzy bandana print on eBay a couple weeks ago, but no go. I'm just too lazy to cut it up, but I guess I may have to. Eight yards of super cute fabric with no bids-- six of Ryan's old Super Nintendo games, however? Sold for $53.00. Weird.


Sarah and Jack said...

Er, well, I am sure you trying to get Quinn into a different bed so you can use the crib with the new baby, but, my advice is to leave her in the crib.

Once they move to a bed where they have actual freedom, well, sleep ends. Screaming and crying begins. They tear apart their rooms instead of sleeping. They wander the house and eat all the chocolates in the pantry. They play in the toilet. Or you have to lock them in there, and well, back to the screaming and crying.

Like most everything else child related, my advice is to ALWAYS wait until the kid gets the idea and says they want to do it. They seem to be more ready for it then, and it is a lot less drama for the mama. said...

That green sheeting is one of my all-time favorites. I lurve it.

Big girl bed issues? Well, I have absolutely no advice there. Bedtime is still a bit of a production around here.

dang-argyle said...

hi sarah, just catching up on some blog action...
congrats on girl #2!