Friday, January 4, 2008


I’m plotting out Q’s room. Have even drawn a scaled schematic of her room with the proposed furniture layout—can’t help it, I’m a(n urban) planner by trade. Working with the quirks of a partitioned (ie bastardized) bungalow are quite challenging. The twin bed will be situated between two built ins which does not permit an end table. One wall is half windows, another has a 2x2’ grate smack dab in the middle of the wall which provides the room’s only heat source. I am currently scouring the internet for a shallow or half moon dresser and toy box. Also have been considering this table to paint:

Her play fridge/kitchenette will fit in quite nicely in the corner. I am also planning on making another vinyl fabric covered play table similar to the one in my craft room. She likes that one so much! I thought it would be the perfect place to sit and listen to records (like in Oscar’s room).

Finally, I bought a wonderful book from Tiffa yesterday. Can’t wait to receive it. It’s a craft project book from 1973, and I’m going to make a mushroom collage lampshade. Wheeeeee!

Have a great weekend, everyone. We’re (finally) seeing Juno tomorrow. It’s pretty bad when your parents who typically have to travel 45ish minutes to see any quality movie see it before you do. Have heard great things!

Also, have been on a movie kick at home—Music & Lyrics, Heartbreak Kid (both bad), Catch & Release (not as horrendous as I thought, but not good), Spider Man 3 & XMen 3 (loves me some comic book action), and Eastern Promises & Once (phenomenal!!!). Eastern Promises was so great—despite all the Viggo bits flying around (and not in a good way…think naked crouching). xo

3 comments: said...

I wish I had that wooden cutout table!

kari said...

I just watched Eastern Promises, too. I LOVE Viggo, and normally would be all about seeing him naked, but, I had to cover my eyes during parts of that bath-house scene. It was so violent. Still, I thought the movie was good. I never did understand what country it was supposed to be taking place in, did you? Was it supposed to be Russia?

Sarah and Jack said...

Where did you find that table? I LOVE it.